Sunday, September 8, 2013

District 9, Meet Your Baby Bother!

While watching the new science fiction film Elysium, from director Neil Blomkamp, I began noticing a few aspects that reminded me of his first full-length film District 9.  I have them listed below.  The list is written vaguely to be spoiler free.

1. Gore.
2. Slums.  Opening scene is a lot of slums.
3. Sharlto Copley.
4. A single parent, which leads to…
5. Child is or strengthens motivation to escape Earth.
6. Restrained character breaks free from operating table thanks to altered physiology.
7. Character exposed to substance/environment that mess with bodily functions, which leads to…
8. Symptoms: vomiting multiple times, passing out, vision distortion, and more vomiting.
9. Lightning guns that make the gore even gorier.
10. Mercenary antagonist.
11. Corporate antagonist.
12. Mercenary antagonist works for corporate antagonist.
13. Mercenary antagonist has gory damage done to head.
14. Lead has something antagonist wants and must die for antagonist to retrieve.
15. Lead must sacrifice their personal goal for single parent with child.
16. Lead (prepares to) hold/s off mercenary antagonist to give single parent/child time to escape.
17. Slums.  A lot of slums.
18. Gore.

With this all noted, I should mention that Elysium is still a different story than District 9, and both are good films.  I personally preferred District 9, but if you enjoyed that film or a good film (and can handle gore) in general, I would recommend Elysium.  Two good films in a row and I look forward to see what else Mr. Blomkamp has in store.

For the best possible viewing, make sure you sit right next to a little elderly lady who is fully into and enjoying the film.  It makes the gore bearable.